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Industrial Engineer Engineering and Management Solutions at Work

October 2015    |    Volume: 47    |    Number: 10

The member magazine of the Institute of Industrial Engineers

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Lean needs both pictures

Let’s tie the bottom-line, big picture view to the detailed, small picture view
By Aaron J. Armstrong and Gregory W. Diehl 

How to prepare for reality

How young professional engineers can make a good impression
By Christina Kach 

A timely metric

Targeting manufacturing critical-path time improves cost, quality and on-time delivery
By Rajan Suri 

Improving logistics in India

Manufacturers in India are improving their ability to track logistics
By Sidhartha S. Padhi and Pan Theo Grosse-Ruyken 


Top stories in this month's industrial engineering news

  • Integrating IE tools into gargantuan manufacturing sector at Tsinghua University
  • China prints a house, while British warship launches 'disposable' drone
  • Embedding tags could boost reuse of building components
  • Simple traffic model finds that minimizing bus travel times is 'physically impossible'
  • Current trends in counterterrorism modelers don’t weigh 'emotions and visceral factors' heavily enough
  • Durable plastic roads could be available in three years
  • Book of the month: Pride and Joy by Alex Knight


Performance by Kevin McManus

Getting beyond the blame game

Management by Paul Engle

Why do we love Amazon?

Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

If you commit, that old gown looks just fine

Supply Chain by James A. Tompkins

Omnichannel logistics make happy customers


This month in IIE news

The September issue includes a volunteer spotlight with communications director for the Engineering Economy Division, deadlines for the Ergo Cup and creativity honors at the Applied Ergonomics Conference in March, the deadlines for the IIE Honors & Awards at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2016, and the first details about the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2016.

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October 2015

Industrial Engineer - October 2015 


"Innovation is such a buzzword that when we walk into a classroom, whether it is MBA students or executives, innovation is by definition good. Or you discuss growth vs. less growth – well, growth is good. But in financial terms a firm can destroy a lot of value by growing more than it should. And similarly, more innovation is not always optimal. … Those types of myths need to be questioned a bit more by making the risks and costs more explicit." 

– Jay Anand, professor of strategy at The Ohio State University, in the October issue's Front Line


The best job ever 

The best job ever

Mark Wallace with UPS discusses why his job is the coolest job for an industrial engineer in this December 2014 Web exclusive.

Resurrection in Atlanta 

Resurrection in Atlanta

Members of the IIE Atlanta Chapter appear in this October 2014 video to discuss the value of a revitalizing the chapter.

Training humanitarian IEs 

Training humanitarian IEs

IE interviews the three co-directors of Georgia Tech’s Center for Health and Humanitarian Logistics.